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Charla Burlington

English Cultural Class

by English-speaking trainer:

Luke Roberts

            WHEN: Thursday 7thNovember,2013                         Time: 13:30        

            Where: Assembly Hall                                          Groups: 1º, 2º Bach & 4ºB


With this fantastic Burlington UK Culture Class you will discover how much your students really know about Britain.

Burlington Books was the first publisher to bring the idea of the Culture Class into the classroom. Almost a quarter of a million ESO and Bachillerato students have now enjoyed one of our classes at their school. The class offers a fun and interactive way for your students to learn about various aspects of British culture, such as Food & Drink, The Royal Family, Sport, Music and Famous People. Everyone in the class has a chance to participate and in the end, there is a quiz in the style of the TV game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” where one lucky winner will take away a very nice prize.

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