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3rd B ESO students had to write down the script and record a short film in English about a scientific topic related to Health and Human Body. They worked during the 2nd and 3rd term searching for scientific information, writing the script and shooting the different scenes.  They work both in their English lessons and in their Science lessons.hsjde

s<asgasnhgbfñloiuyTeam A  Forensic Sciences TV show  Topic: Forensic Sciences  link to video

Temprano Fernández, Sandra             Santos Santos, Marina          Palacios Reyero, Víctor

Team B  Fernando's Accident           Topic: First Aids  link to video + Bloopers

Martín Souto, Alejandro                     Rodríguez Guaza, Álvaro        Pérez Castro, Fernando

Team C  Juan Carlos' infection      Topic: Infections   link to video  + Bloopers                

Grisolía Colino, Juan Carlos               Villa Fernández, Óscar           Jiménez Pisa, Isaac

Team D  Detox Clinic     Topic: Alcohol and Cannabis addiction  link to video  + Bloopers

Rodríguez Flórez, Iván                         Rojano Pérez, Tamara             Fernández Blanco, Francisco

Team E  Drug Squad      Topic: Heroine and Cocaine  link to video

Sebbahi Amaduche, Rofka                  Peña de Campo, Álvaro           Chairez Rodríguez, Cristian

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